The Menstrual Equity Bill will also help to normalize conversations around having a period and reduce the stigma associated with this basic bodily function. Too many students have to skip class, miss out on activities, daily life and suffer from anxiety because of the lack of menstrual products and our inability to support their natural menstrual flow. Lack of access to menstrual products perpetuates a harmful shame about menstruation that is all too common. It perpetuates the stigma that our cycles are embarrassing, something to hide and dirty, all of which are untrue and sexist.

In 2023 we must show our commitment to our women, girls and all menstruators in Minnesota schools. Let’s join the 17 states that already ensure students have adequate menstrual products at school.

Sandra Feist, DFL-New Brighton, is a member of the Minnesota House. Steve Cwodzinski, DFL-Eden Prairie, is a member of the Minnesota Senate. Carolyn Handke is a menstrual health educator at PeriodWellness. Erica Solomon is executive director, National Council of Jewish Women Minnesota. Elif Ozturk is a student at Hopkins High School.